The FBSE Team

"One of the very full service lenders around"

"A lender that will look at all angels to find a way to say yes"

"Invaluable asset to the bridging lending market"

"Experience crafted with creativity and imagination to look at a deal from all angles to find a solution."

"No false promises, no assumptions, no dithering, no extra charges, just a professional, fair and honest service."

"A lender that will look at all angles to find a way to say yes!"

"They are able to drive a case to completion very efficiently."

"FBSE make using them for quick and efficient bridging loans easy."

"Knowledgeable, well-researched and intelligent with their approach."

"Tenacious and determined to deliver great deals for their clients."

dorian 2

Dorian Nineberg


Dorian is a chartered accountant and has been in the lending business for over 20 years. He is the principal of the company and had a wealth of experience.He was previously a director and principal shareholder of Woodberry Securities and First Property Finance. As well as being involved in the origination of bridging finance loans, in previous companies, he has also acquired substantial loan books.


David Garbett

Senior Business Development Manager

David Joined FBSE in 2017 as our Senior Business Development Manager. He previously worked in the business banking sector for Barclays and at LENDY, the short term specialist lender, where he worked in a similar capacity for just under 2 years. He has extensive experience and knowledge of bridging and development finance.

David is responsible for generating business from existing brokers and creating new broker relationships.


Charlotte  Hall

Senior Underwriter & Business Development Manager

Charlotte has worked for FBSE for over 6 years.

She is responsible for all underwriting decisions at FBSE Finance and reports directly to Dorian Nineberg. In addition to this she also generates business from existing brokers and creates new broker relationships.


Sara Coleman

Underwriter & Business Development Manager

Sara joined FBSE in 2017 as an underwriter and is also responsible for generating business from existing brokers and creating new broker relationships.

She previously worked at Ernst and Young for over 10 years.


Rimple Goel

Financial Controller

Rimple is a chartered management accountant with over 10 years’ experience in the finance sector.

She joined FBSE/Market Homes in 2017 and is responsible for keeping true financial and accounting records. She previously worked for Mencap Trust Company as a Trust Accountant.