FBSE Finance Limited

Principal lenders in bridging finance

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"One of the very full service lenders around"

"A lender that will look at all angels to find a way to say yes"

"Invaluable asset to the bridging lending market"

"Experience crafted with creativity and imagination to look at a deal from all angles to find a solution."

"No false promises, no assumptions, no dithering, no extra charges, just a professional, fair and honest service."

"A lender that will look at all angles to find a way to say yes!"

"They are able to drive a case to completion very efficiently."

"FBSE make using them for quick and efficient bridging loans easy."

"Knowledgeable, well-researched and intelligent with their approach."

"Tenacious and determined to deliver great deals for their clients."

Privately Owned Lender

FBSE is a privately owned Lender who have been operating as Principal Lenders in Bridging Finance since 1999.


FBSE provide unparalleled levels of service and are ready to work with you and your clients to complete the most challenging of loans.


We assess each individual application on its own unique merits – please call us anytime to discuss further.


The Directors of FBSE have a vast knowledge in Development Finance as well as how to structure lending deals on Commercial, Land and Residential Property.


As FBSE is privately funded, we can offer quick bridging finance decisions which we can back up with an instantaneous pay out.

Types of Lending

FBSE has proven itself to lend on many types of security which are often unattractive to its competitors, including arable land, pubs, nursing homes and caravan sites.

Unregulated Loans

FBSE are open to business to all types of clients, including those who have experienced CCJs and IVA or are discharged bankrupts. We do not require a credit committee to approve any lending.

Nationwide Lender

FBSE have always been a nationwide lender and have completed many loans in remote parts of Scotland and Wales as well as the North of England.