FBSE Testimonials

No false promises, no assumptions,no extra charges, just a professional, fair and honest service’

Bramhall Commercial has had a much valued relationship with Dorian and his team at FBSE for over five years now. During this time we have found the company to be an invaluable asset to the bridging lending market.

FBSE has proved on many occasions that there is no such thing as a strict criteria, every suggested deal is carefully considered with the view to a positive outcome. FBSE use experience crafted with creativity and imagination to look at a deal from all angles in an effort to find a solution that is beneficial to the borrower and lender alike. Only when all relevant factors have been dealt with will they move forward to application or regretfully decline.

In essence when you approach FBSE as a broker you can be confident that there will be, no false promises, no assumptions, no dithering and most of all no fear that your client will not be treated with respect. No extra charges, no undue penalties, just a professional, fair and honest service.

FBSE will give that extra to help you do business so I am happy to do a little extra and heartily recommend them to anybody. Chris Ashton -

Chris Ashton - Bramhall Commercial Finance Ltd